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Should You Do Law?

Whether you are a student, eagerly awaiting your high school or A-Level results or a mid-career professional looking towards changing career paths, a question that may have come across your mind is 'Should I pursue a career in Law'? I would like to qualify that premise by suggesting to you that, the question ought to be 'why should I do Law'

There are a number of reasons why anyone decides to pursue Law as a career. The following are a few merits and demerits that you need to keep in mind, before you consider making that leap:

Shapes Your Thinking

An LLB, GDL or any Law Degree is one which is unlike any other subject you may have encountered. I have suggested this aspect to countless students; a Law degree is more about how you think, rather than what you know. That is the beauty of the qualification and the subsequent career you will be getting yourself into.

This is the most distinct feature of a Law Degree, compared to more technical qualifications such as Engineering, Management and so on. The path is rarely black and white and the object of your qualification is to build your analytical abilities and the articulation of its presentation.

A Lucrative Career

Law is one of a handful of professions in which a practitioner's earning potential is relatively high, irrespective of the geographic location he/she is based in. From London to New York, to Singapore and Colombo; a Lawyer is considered a high-tier profession with benefits to match.

It's Exciting

Perhaps not the path to the profession (nor in some cases your first few years in it), but if you are someone that enjoys working on a myriad of subject matter and associating a varied cohort of colleagues and clients, Law is for you.

Having said that, it is important to identify the areas you are most passionate on, way before you set foot in a Law Chamber. Too often do I encounter students who've opted for modules during their Law Degree that would not add value to their intended niche in Law.

Reading Is A Must

Law is an expansive area. One which grows and constantly and demands effort and time. What's more, study and learning is a lifelong endeavour for a Lawyer which does not end post-qualification. Thus, you must be willing and able to devote time and effort to being abreast of caselaw and developments in the Law.

Opinions Are Mandatory

I am often asked by students on 'what to study' or 'which cases to memorize' or 'is there a right way to answer a question'. A Law Degree, requires (and at times forces) you to think. It is your personality and the way that you think that you will be rewarded, not just academically but also in your career. The most successful practitioners are those who have developed court-craft by virtue of their unique point of view.

Ultimately, the question comes down to your willingness to assess what's required of you versus what effort you're willing to expend. At different stages of this decision making process, there are a number of paths to take. Book a Career Guidance Session above or drop me an email:

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